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Jing dish is the abbreviation of Beijing dish. It is one of the main Chinese dish systems. It is formed after it fused elements of other dishes. Jing dish is mainly composed of court dish, government dish, Muslim dish and improved Shandong dish. It is well-known for its elegance, magnificence, nutrition and rich flavors.

Beijing dish chooses materials extensively. From northeastern delicacies from land to Hainan's seafood, from the sheep outside Zhang Jiakou to seasonal vegetables south of Changjiang, all of these are used and carefully cooked.

In accordance with the extensiveness of materials, Jing dish has also adopted many strong points of other dish systems, such as local minorities' baking, singing, boiling, instant-boiling, roasting, and Shandong dish's quick-frying, slight frying, candied flossing etc.

Though Beijing dish has combined many advantages of other dish systems, it becomes epicures' focus because of its own elegance, fresh flavor, and magnificence.

Rich cooking skills, extensive flavor adoption and exquisite eating methods are its features. Its flavors are mainly thick juice, thoroughly cooked meat and nourishing soup, supplementing with features as fresh, scent, crispy, tender and thoroughly cooked. And it also stresses flavoring.

Beijing snacks can neither be ignored. It is composed of Han, Hui and court folk snacks. There are about 300 kinds of snacks of meat and vegetables, sweet and salty, thick and thin, cold and hot. Seasonal, extensive materials and various cooking methods are their features.

The famous restaurants in Beijing are Quanjude Roast Duck Store, Fangshan Restaurant, Roast Meat Season Restaurant, Yanyun Restaurant, and so on.

Do you smell the delicious dish in below?

Braised chicken with edible bird's nests
Clear soup with radish and edible bird's nests
Diced chicken with fresh walnut meat
Spiced beef
Savory and crispy small crucian carp
Fried cabbage with vermicelli
Braised shark's fin with shredded cucumber, carrot and bamboo shoots
Fried meat in broken egg's yoke
Sweet cake with dates
Pea flour cake
Kidney bean rolls
Small steamed bread of corn
Instant-boiled mutton Mongolian hot pot


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