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  Tourism Industry Association

A Brief Account of China's Travel Trade Associations

China's tourist trade associations have grown along with the in-depth development of national economical restructuring and the rapid progress of tourism. Initiated in the beginning of 1985 and after preparations, the China Tourism Association and the China Tourist Hotel Association were formally established in January and February 1986. The former is a national travel trade organization, a social body composed of tourism departments, departments closely related to tourism as well as tourism oriented experts and scholars. The latter is a national organization of the tourist hotel trade with hotels and guest houses as the main components.

Following the policy of reform and opening to the outside world, the travel trade associations carry out surveys and studies, co-ordination and consultant, international liaison and other activities to provide service for the enhancement of State macro-management and the vitalization of tourism enterprises, meanwhile playing the role of a bridge or channel between tourism administrative departments of the government and tourism enterprise for the promotion of sustained and healthy progress of tourism.

With the intensified reform of tourism management system and the vigorous development of tourism, both domestic and international, the formation and role of the trade associations have increasingly drawn the attention of all the departments concerned and various localities. Specialized trade associations such as the China Tourism Automobiles and Cruise Ships Association, the Association China Tourism Journalese and the China Domestic Tourism Association were successively set up in recent years. According to statistics, there are 26 tourism associations, 13 tourist hotel associations and 4 domestic tourism

associations at the provincial, autonomous regional and municipal levels across the country. In the current reform and opening up, the local travel trade associations, in line with actual conditions, have done a great deal and played their due role in service of the government and the grassroots.

Tourism opens window to the outside world. As non-governmental social organizations, the travel trade associations have in recent years conducted friendly exchanges and swapped experience with their overseas counterparts to increase understanding and expand influence. The China Tourism Association, the China Tourist Hotel Association and the China Tourism Automobiles and Cruise Ships Association have joined the Universal Federation of Travel Agents Associations, the International Hotel Association and the International Touring Alliance respectfully. The China Tourism Association and the Taiwan Tourism Association have responsored a symposium on tourism across the Taiwan Straits, thus to affect two way exchanges between tourism circles on both sides and promote their cooperation.

Tourism being a comprehensive and international undertaking with inter-trade, trans-regional and trans-sector features, the formation of national and regional tourist trade associations to bring into play their liaison role can facilitate inter flow between counterparts, communication between top and bottom as well at integration of domestic tourism with international tourism. All this will help to unite, organize and rally forces from different quarters concerned, push the development of China's tourism in a faster and better way, and contribute consistently to the socialist modernization of the country.



China Tourism Association
(Add): 9A Jianguomennei Dajie,Beijing 100740,China
(Tel): (010)5135383
(Telx.): 210449 CNTA CN
(Fax): (010)5135383
(Honorary President): Wu Xueqian(President): He Guangwei
(Deputy President): Wang Rkang, Liu Jiaxiang, Li Baolin,
Zhang Xiqin, Ma Zhimin, Gong Enguang, Chang Dianyuan,
Li Yuying
(Secretary General): Li Yuying


China Tourist Hotel Association
(Add): 9A Jianguomennei Dajie,Beijing 100740,China (Tel): (010)5122905
(Fax): (010)5122905
(Telx.): 210449 CNTA CN
(Honorary President): Chen Muhua (President): Li Quanzhong
(Deputy President): Tian Qong, Ren Baizun, Li Yantian,
Hou Xijiu, Zhang Shutan, Xue Hanjun, Wang Luliang,
Zhou Hongqiu, Huang Guixin, Yuan Zongtang, Zong Haifeng, Che Dexin, Zhang Zhixiang
(Secretary General): Che Dexin


China Domestic Tourism Association
(Add): 9A Jianguomennei Dajie,Beijing 100740,China
(Tel): (010)5138866-1603
(Fax): (010)5122096
(Honorary President): Chen Muhua / Wang Yuzhao
(President): He Ruoquan (Deputy President): Wang Shaogeng /
Wei Xiao'an / He Lisun / Zhang Tianzhong / Wang Zhenghua / Chen Guangqian
(Secretary General): Zhang Tianzhong
Beijing Association of Tourist Industry Management
(Add): 28 Jianguomenwai Dajie,Beijing 100022,China
(President): Dong Chunsheng
(Tel): (010)5158253
(Fax): (010)5158251
Beijing Tourism Association
(Add): 13 Xiagongfu,Wangfujing,Beijing 100006,China
(President): Jiang Runshan
(Tel): (010)5137766-628
Tianjin Tourism Association (Institute)
(Add): 18 Freindship Road,Hexi District,Tianjing 300074,China
(President): Zhou Wenwu
(Tel): (022)8367574
(Fax): (022)8352324
Hebei Tourism Association (Institute)
(Add): 22 Yucaijie,Shijiazhuang,Hebei 050021,China
(President): Wang Yuan
(Tel): (0331)6015223
(Fax): (0331)6015265
Shanxi Tourism Association
(Add): 5 South Xinjian Road,Taiyuan,Shanxi 030001,China
(President): Yang Jianfeng
(Tel): (0351)4040515
(Fax): (0351)4043525
Inner Mongolia Tourism Association
(Add):1 Xinhuadajie,Hohhot,Inner Mongolia 010055,China
(President): Sun Shoushan
(Tel): (0471)665978
(Fax): (0471)668561
Liaoning Tourism Association
(Add):113 Huanghe Nandajie,Huanggu District,
Shenyang,Liaoning 110031,China
(President): Chen Xi
(Tel): (024)6807109
(Fax): (024)6809415
Jilin Tourism Association
(Add):10B Xinmindajie,Changchun,Jilin 130021,China
(President): Che Baolin
(Tel): (0431)5609034
(Fax): (0431)5642053
Heilongjiang Tourism Association
(Add):124 Dazhijie,Nangang District,Harbin,Helongjiang 150001,China
(President): Jiang Chao
(Tel): (0451)3641441-532
(Fax): (0451)3630860
Shanghai Tourism Association
(Add):Room 401B M2/F,Yinhe Hotel,888 West Zhongshanlu,
Shanghai 200051,China
(President): Yan Tingchang
(Tel): (021)62755888-2693
(Fax): (021)62750201
Shanghai Tourism Institute
(Add): Dongmengang,Shanghai 201423,China
(President): Liu Zhu
(Tel): (021)57524314-251
(Fax): (021)57524390
Zhejiang Tourism Association (Institute)
(Add):1 Shihan Road,Hangzhou,Zhejiang 310007,China
(President): Yu Jianming
(Tel): (0571)5150191
(Fax): (0571)5156429
Fujian Tourism Institute
(Add):24 Dongda Road,Fuzhou,Fujian 350001,China
(President): Nan Jiang
(Tel): (0591)7533617
(Fax): (0591)7538758
Jiangxi Tourism Association
(Add):35 Fuzhou Road,Nanchang,Jiangxi 330006,China
(President): Huang Futian
(Tel): (0791)2215438
(Fax): (0791)6227860
Shandong Tourism Association
(Add):26 Jinshilu,Jinan,Shandong 250014,China
(President): Jiang Kuisheng
(Tel): (0531)2965858-139
(Fax): (0531)2964284
Henan Tourism Association (Institute)
(Add):15 Jinshuilu,Zhengzhou,Henan 450003,China
(President): Yu Xiaoxia
(Tel): (0371)5901626
(Fax): (0371)5955656
Hubei Tourism Association
(Add):Apartment 2,Qingshiqiao Block, Hanyang,Wuhan,Wubei 430050,China
(President): Chen Pinghui
(Tel): (027)4842307
(Fax): (027)4822513
Hunan Tourism Association
(Add):Tuanjielu,Wulipai,Changsha,Hunan 410001,China
(President): Zhang Jimin
(Tel): (0731)4725078
(Fax): (0731)4720348
Guangdong Tourism Association (Institute)
(Add):185 Huanshixilu,Guangzhou,Guangdong 510010,China
(President): Lu Weixiong
(Tel): (020)6666889
(Fax): (020)6665039
Guangxi Tourism Association
(Add):40 Xinminlu,Nanning,Guangxi 530012,China
(President): Liao Zhengbin
(Tel): (0771)2808738
(Fax): (0771)2801041
Hainan Tourism Association
(Add):5/F Hailu Building,6 Haifulu,Haikou,Hainan 570003,China
(President): Xia Zhongxun
(Tel): (0898)5352287
(Fax): (0898)5352210
Sichuan Tourism Association
(Add):19 2nd Section of South Renminlu,Chengdu,Sichuan 610021,China
(President): Li Yangtian
(Tel): (028)6671941
(Fax): (028)6671042
Guizhou Tourism Association
(Add):346-5 North Zhonghualu,Guiyang,Guizhou 550004,China
(President): Liu Yulin
(Tel): (0851)6892102
(Fax): (0851)6892309
Yunnan Tourism Institute
(Add):218 Huancheng Nanlu,Kunming,Yunnan 650001,China
(President): Zhang Baogui
(Tel): (0871)3137605
(Fax): (0871)3135204
Yunnan Association of International Tourism
(Add):218 Huanchengnanlu,Kunming,Yunan 650001,China
(President): Zhang Kunsheng
(Tel): (0871)3137605
(Fax): (0871)3135204
Shaanxi Tourism Association
(Add):15 Chang;an Beilu,Xi'an,Shaanxi 710061,China
(President): Chen Xingliang
(Tel): (029)5261177
(Fax): (029)5262464
Gansu Tourism Association
(Add):361 Tianshuilu,Lanzhou,Gansu 730000,China
(President): Duan Shubao
(Tel): (0931)8416638-290
(Fax): (0931)8418443
Ningxia Tourism Association
(Add):117 Jiefang Xijie,Yinchuan,Ningxia 750001, China
(President): Wang Zhenyuan
(Tel): (0951)624910
(Fax): (0951)641783
Qinghai Tourism Association
(Add):21 Huanghelu,Xining,Qinghai 810001,China
(President): Zhao Tingqi
(Tel): (0971)6157011
(Fax): (0971)8239515
Beijing Association of Hotel Industry
(Add):7 Xiaguangfujie,Dongcheng District,Beijing 100006,China
(President): Sun Fuling
(Tel): (010)5137766-638
Tianjin Association of Tourist Hotels
(Add): 18 Freindship Road,Hexi Disterict,Tianjin 300074,China
(President): Zhou Wenwu
(Tel): (022)8358814
(Fax): (022)8352324
Hebei Association of Tourist Hotels
(Add):22 Yucaijie,Shijiazhuang,Hebei 050021,China
(President): Meng Xianjiang
(Tel): (0311)6014239
Shanxi Association of Tourist Hotels
(Add):South Gate,1 Xinjiannanlu,Taiyuan,Shanxi 030001,China
(President): Hou Cunxi
(Tel): (0351)4047536
Liaoning Association of Tourist Hotels
(Add):113 Huanghenandajie,Huanggu District,
Shenyang,Liaoning 110031, China
(President): Zhang Shutan
(Tel): (024)3892187
Jilin Association of Tourist Hotels
(Add):10B Xinmindajie,Changchun,Jilin 130021,China
(President): Che Baolin
(Tel): (0431)5609034
(Fax): (0431)5642035
Shanghai Association of Tourist Hotel Industry
(Add):191 Changlelu,Shanghai 200020,China
(President): Zhang Shizhu
(Tel): (021)62586020
Anhui Association of Hotel Industry
(Add):Rm 307,29 Huizhoulu,Hefei,Anhui 230001,China (President): Wang Zaibao
(Tel): (0551)2601547
Henan Association of Hotels for Overseas Tourists
(Add):16 Jinshanlu,Zhengzhou,Henan 450003,China
(President): Lian Lan
(Tel): (0371)5952959-3085
Hubei Association of Tourist Hotels
(Add):2nd Building, Qingshiqiao Block, Hanyang, Wuhan, Wubei 430050, China
(President): Yuan Yaying
(Tel): (027)4842307
(Fax): (027)4822513
Hunan Association of Tourist Hotels
(Add):Wulipai,Bayidonglu,Changsha,Hunan 410001,China
(President): Zhang Zhengxiang
(Tel): (0731)4444134
Sichuan Association of Tourist Hotels
(Add):65 Renminnanlu (2nd Section),Chengdu,Sichuan 610021,China
(President): Li Yantian
(Tel): (028)6671941
(Fax): (028)6671042
Guizhou Association of Hotels
(Add):68 Beijinglu,Guiyang,Guizhou 550001,China
(President): Gao Xin
(Tel): (0851)6825234
Yunnan Association of Tourist Hotels
(Add):218 Huanchengnanlu,Kunming,Yunnan 650001,China
(President): Zhang Xianbin
(Tel): (0871)3137605
(Fax): (0871)3135204
Shanghai Domestic Tourism Association
(Add):158 Dingxilu,Shanghai 700050,China
(President): Wang Zhenghua
(Tel): (021)62520000
(Fax): (021)62528795
Shanghai Association of Inner Travel Agencies
(Add):Room 302 4th Building,33 Zhongshan Dongyilu,
Shanghai 200002,China
(President): Wu Qiuxing
(Tel): (021)63211149
Shanghai Association of International
Tourism and Travel Agencies
(Add):Room 415 2th Building,2525 Zhongshan Xilu,
Shanghai 200030, China
(President): Dao Shuming
(Tel): (021)64390631
(Fax): (021)64391519
Zhejiang Domestic Tourism Association
(Add):1 Shihanlu,Hangzhou,Zhejiang 310007,China
(President): Zhu Bingsong
(Tel): (0571)5112697
(Fax): (0571)5156429
Sichuan Domestic Tourism Association
(Add):65 2nd Section of Renminnanlu,Chengdu,
Sichuan 610021,China
(President): Zhang Chong
(Tel): (028)6671941
(Fax): (028)6671042
Yunnan Domestic Tourism Association
(Add):218 Huancheng Nanlu,Kunming,Yunnan 650001,China
(President): Nian Jiafu
(Tel): (0871)3137665
(Fax): (0871)3135204
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