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Hotel names beginning with H
Hai Tian Hotel Qingdao 5 website
Hainan Mandarin Haikou 5
Harbour Plaza Kunming Kunming 5 website
Harbour Plaza Chongqing Chongqing 5 website
Harbour View Hotel & Resort Zhuhai 5 website
Hilton International Hotel Nanjing 5 website
Hoi Tak Hotel Urumqi 5
Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Beijing Beijing 5 website
Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Chengdu Chengdu 5 website
Holiday Inn Pudong Shanghai 5 website
Hot Spring Hotel Fuzhou 5
Hotel Equatorial Qingdao 5
Hotel Inter-Continental Hong Kong Hong Kong 5 website
Hotel Lisboa Qingdao 5 website
Hotel New Otani Chang Fu Gong Beijing 5
Hotel Nikko Hongkong Beijing 5 website
Hotel Ritz Macau Beijing 5 website
Hotel Royal Beijing 5 website
Hotel Silverland Dongguan 5
Huandao Tide Hotel Haikou 5 website
Huatian Hotel Changsha 5 website
Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Changsha 5 website
Hyatt Regency Macau Changsha 5 website
Hyatt Regency Xian Xian 5 website
Harbour Plaza Beijing Beijing 4 website
Harbour Plaza Hong Kong Xian 4 website
Harbour Plaza Resort City Hong Kong Xian 4 website
Harbour View International House Xian 4 website
Hebei Grand Hotel Shijiazhuang 4
Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Harbourview Xiamen Xiamen 4 website
Holiday Inn Dalian Dalian 4 website
Holiday Inn Donghua Shenzhen Shenzhen 4 website
Holiday Inn Downtown Beijing Beijing 4 website
Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hong Kong Beijing 4 website
Holiday Inn Guiyang Guiyang 4 website
Holiday Inn Hangzhou Hangzhou 4 website
Holiday Inn Hefei Hefei 4 website
Holiday Inn Kunming Kunming 4 website
Holiday Inn Lido Beijing Beijing 4 website
Holiday Inn Macau Beijing 4 website
Holiday Inn Riverside Wuhan Wuhan 4 website
Holiday Inn Tian An Wuhan Wuhan 4 website
Holiday Inn Tianjin Tianjin 4 website
Holiday Inn Urumqi Urumqi 4 website
Holiday Inn Yangtze Chongqing Chongqing 4 website
Hong Fu Hotel Urumqi 4
Hotel Beverly Plaza Urumqi 4 website
Hotel Canton Guangzhou 4
Hotel China Guangzhou 4
Hotel Equatorial Shanghai Shanghai 4 website
Hotel Holiday Sanbu Kaiping 4
Hotel Landmark Canton Guangzhou 4 website
Hotel Miramar Guangzhou 4 website
Hotel Nikko Longbai Shanghai 4
Hotel Nikko Pudong Shanghai 4 website
Hotel Oriental Regent Shenzhen 4
Hotel Osroc Haikou 4 website
Hotel Royal Garden Chaoyang Chaoyang 4
Hotel Royal Xian Xian 4 website
Hotel Sofitel Hyland Shanghai 4 website
Hotel Telecom Shanghai 4
Hotel World Plaza Urumqi 4 website
Hua Xi Hotel Huangshan 4
Huiquan Dynasty Hotel Qingdao 4
Hunan Bestride Hotel Changsha 4
Hunan Furama Hotel Changsha 4 website
Hyatt Regency Tianjin Tianjin 4
Hademen Hotel Beijing 3
Hai Jing Hotel Shenzhen 3
Haibin Hotel Zhanjiang 3
Haifu Grand Hotel Zhanjiang 3
Hainan Overseas Chinese Hotel Haikou 3 website
Haishan Hotel Fuzhou 3
Haiyue Hotel Yancheng 3
Hangzhou International Hotel Hangzhou 3 website
Hangzhou Jade Emperor Hotel Hangzhou 3
Hangzhou Overseas Chinese Hotel Hangzhou 3
Hangzhou Tower Hangzhou 3 website
Hansen Hotel Shanghai 3
Harbin Flamingo Harbin 3
Harbin Friendship Palace Harbin 3
Harbour International Hotel Huizhou 3
Harbour View Hotel Shantou 3
Heng Shan Hotel Shanghai 3
Holiday Inn City Centre Harbin Harbin 3 website
Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Zhengzhou 3 website
Holiday Inn Downtown Shanghai Shanghai 3 website
Holiday Inn Lhasa Lasa 3
Holiday Inn Milido Wuxi Wuxi 3 website
Honey Lake Country Club Hotel Shenzhen 3
Hong Kong Hotel Guilin Guilin 3
Hong Xiang Hotel Shenyang 3
Hong Ye Hotel Shanghai 3
Hong Zhu Shan Hotel Emei 3 website
Hongqiao Hotel Nanjing 3
Horizon Jianguo Hotel Kunming 3
Hotel Silver Spring Shijiazhuang 3
Hotel Concourse Shijiazhuang 3 website
Hotel Dynasty Dongguan 3
Hotel Fortuna Dongguan 3 website
Hotel New Harbour Dongguan 3
Hotel Universal Guilin 3
Hua Bei Hotel Beijing 3
Hua Du Hotel Shenzhen 3
Hua Lian Hotel Changshu 3
Hua Min Hotel Xiamen 3
Hua Qiao Hotel Foshan 3
Hua Tian Hotel Qingdao 3
Hua Ting Guest House Shanghai 3
Hua Xia Hotel Shanghai 3
Hua Xin Hotel Nanchang 3
Huadu Hotel Beijing 3
Huaiyin Guest House Huaiyin 3
Huanghai Hotel Qingdao 3
Huangshan International Hotel Huangshan 3 website
Huangshan Wenquan Hotel Huangshan 3
Huanhai Gloria Inn, Qingdao Qingdao 3 website
Hubin Hotel Wuxi 3
Hubin Hotel Wenzhou 3
Hui Feng Yuan Hotel Yichang 3
Huidong Overseas Chinese Hotel Huizhou 3
Huilong Hotel Chengde 3
Huitong Plaza Hotel Haikou 3
Huizhou Hotel Huizhou 3
Hua Qiao Hotel Guangzhou 2
Haibin Hotel Qinhuangdao
Haijia Hotel Shanghai
Haiqing Hotel Qingdao
Hebei Teachers University Shijiazhuang
Hebin Hotel Wuzhou
Himalaya Hotel Lasa
Hongshan Hotel Urumqi
Huasha Hotel Shenyang
Huayuan Hotel Suzhou
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