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Hotel names beginning with C
China World Hotel Beijing 5 website
Conrad International Hong Kong Beijing 5 website
Continenal Hotel Hangzhou 5
Crowne Plaza Zhengzhou Zhengzhou 5 website
Capital Hotel Beijing 4
Celeste Palace Hotel Jiangmen 4
Central Garden Hotel Beijing 4
Central Hotel Guangzhou 4 website
Central Hotel Nanjing 4 website
Central Hotel Shanghai Shanghai 4 website
Century Harbour Hotel Nanjing 4 website
Century Hotel Shunde 4
Century Plaza Hotel Shenzhen 4 website
Century Run Hua Hotel Jinan 4
Changchun International Conference Center Changchun 4
Changzhou Grand Hotel Changzhou 4 website
Chengde Qianyang Hotel Chengde 4
Chengdu An Rong Hotel Chengdu 4
China Mayors Bulding Guangzhou 4
China Resources Hotel Beijing 4
China Travel Service Tower Beijing 4
Chongqing Guest House Chongqing 4
Clifford Nansha Hotel Panyu 4
Courtyard New World Beijing Beijing 4 website
Courtyard New World Shenyang Shenyang 4 website
Crowne Plaza Shanghai Shanghai 4 website
Cultural Holiday Hotel Guangzhou 4
Cypress Hotel Shanghai 4 website
Cactus Resort Sanya 3 website
Cairnhill Hotel Tianjin Tianjin 3
Canton Bay Hotel Zhanjiang 3
Capital Plaza Hotel Shenzhen 3
Cathay Hotel Guangzhou 3
Catic Plaza Hotel Beijing 3 website
Central Hotel Xiamen Xiamen 3 website
Century Hong Kong Hotel Xiamen 3 website
Chang An Hotel Shenzhen 3
Chang Jiang Hotel Jiangyin 3
Chang Zhou Guest House Changzhou 3
Changbai Moutain Hotel Changchun 3 website
Changbaishan Hotel Dehui 3
Changchun Hotel Changchun 3
Changchun Overseas Chinese Hotel Changchun 3
Changhui Hotel Changchun 3
Changshu Hotel Changshu 3
Chaoyang Hotel Wenzhou 3
Chaozhou Hotel Chaozhou 3
Chengde Guest House For Diplomatic Missions Chengde 3
Chengde Hotel Chengde 3
Chengdu Grand Hotel Chengdu 3
Chenguang Hotel Xingtai 3
China Great Hall Hotel Beijing Beijing 3
China Merchants Hotel Guangzhou 3
Chongqing Grand Hotel Chongqing 3 website
Chongqing Hotel Beijing 3 website
Chongwenmen Hotel Beijing 3
Chung King Hotel Chongqing 3
Chunyi Hotel Changchun 3 website
CITIC Garden Hotel Ningbo 3
CITIC Ningbo International Hotel Ningbo 3
CITS Hotel Shenzhen 3
City Garden Hotel Shenzhen 3 website
City Hotel Shanghai 3
City Hotel Shenzhen 3 website
City Hotel Xian 3
Cloud Valley Hotel Huangshan 3
Continental Grand Hotel Haikou 3 website
Continental Hotel Shenzhen 3
Courtyard Marriott Kunming 3 website
Courtyard New World Wuhan Wuhan 3 website
Courtyard New World Wuxi Wuxi 3 website
Courtyard New World Qingdao Qingdao 3
Courtyard New World Shunde Shunde 3 website
Crown Hotel Jinghong 3
Cygnet Hotel Changsha 3
Changchun Hotel Dehui
Chengde Hotel Chengde
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