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Yue dish is one of the four great famous dishes in China. It includes Guangzhou dish, Chaozhou dish, Dongjiang dish and Hainan dish among which Guangzhou dish is the representative. Yue dish has adopted advantages of many other dishes. It selects materials extensively and cooks various kinds of dishes. Yue dish is so famous overseas for its special flavor that many foreigners refer to Yue dish as Chinese dish.

The stuff for Yue dish is extensive, unique and sundry. It selects materials from domestic animals, aquatic plants, fish and shrimps, and even snakes, mice, cats, dogs and mountainous games which are usually not used in many places. In flavors, Yue dish stresses fresh, tasty, tender and smooth. In summer and autumn, it is light, while in winter and spring, it is heavy. It stresses fresh materials, killing just before cooking. Besides these, it also stresses to keep the original color of the material. The condiments of Yue dish are also distinctive. The often used are oyster sauce, fermented soy bean sauce, fish sauce, pearl oil, sugar and vinegar, sauce and jianfeng sauce, etc.

According to these characteristics, the cooking methods of Yue dish are various, including decocting, stewing with a bao, stewing, steaming, frying pickling, braising, frying in shallow oil, steaming with an airtight pot, quick boiling, etc. It is good at frying, pickling and clear steaming, and it is especially famous for its steaming with an airtight pot and soft-frying which are originally created by Cantanese.

Yue dish has extensive influence. There are Yue restaurants all over the world. In southeast Asia and Chinatowns of USA and Europe, Yue restaurants constitute the majority.

Cantonese has a habit of drinking tea of breakfast. This habit helps to form a lot of snacks of Yue style. Shrimp meat dumpling, steamed minced sausage, shaomai, chashao stuffed bun, rice wrapped in lotus leaf, chicken with polished glutinous rice, fish slice porridge, preserved egg porridge, Yuntun wheat, shahe flour, and plates of fried small pile of flour, flour cake, U-shaped cake, etc. There are too many things for the eyes to take in and all of them are appetizing.

The famous Yue dish restaurants in Guangzhou are Da Sanyuan Restaurant, Guangzhou Restaurant, Taotaoju Restaurant, Panxi Restaurant, Lotus Fragrance Restaurant and Snake Restaurant.

Do you smell the delicious dish in below?

Sha tea stewed beef
Steamed young pigeon with straw mushroom
Frozen snakeheaded fish
Fried live lobster
Stuffed green gourd with various flowers
Steamed crab of Chao style
Fried snail slices with white sauce
Fried oyster
Pomegranate chicken with greens
Soup with green vegetables and mashed chicken
Beancurd with sea-food in a bao
Fried beancurd with brown sauce


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