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  Brief Tables of Chinese Minor Nationalities

Name of Nationalities Major Dispersions Major languages Statistics of Population in '90
Mongolian Inner Mongolian,    
  Heilongjiang Mongolian 4,806,849
Hui Nationality Ningxia, Ganshu Chinese 8,602,978
Tibeten Tibet, Qinghai Tibeten 4,593,330
Uighur Nationality Xinjiang Uighur 7,214,431
Miao Nationality Guizhou,Hunan,Yunnan Miao language 7,398,035
Yizu Nationality Sichuan,Yunnan,Guizhou Yi language 6,572,173
Zhuang Nationality Guangxi,Yunnan Zhuang language 15,498,630
Buyi Nationality Guizhou Buyi language 2,545,059
Korean Jilin,Heilongjiang,Liaoning Korean 1,920,597
Man Nationality Liaoning,Jilin,Heilongjiang, Hebei Chinese 9,821,180
Tong Nationality Guizhou,Hunan Tong language 2,514,014
Yao Nationality Guangxi,Hunan Yao language 2,134,013
Bai Nationality Yunnan Bai language 1,594,827
Tujia Nationality Hunan,Guizhou Tujia language 5,704,223
Hani Nationality Yunnan Hani language 1,253,952
Hasake Nationality Xinjiang Hasake language 1,111,718
Dai Nationality Yunnan Dai language 1,025,128
Li Nationality Guangdong Li language 1,110,900
Lisu Nationality Yunnan Lisu language 574,856
Wai Nationality Yunnan Wai language 351,974
She Nationality Fujian Chinese 630,378
Gaoshan Nationality Taiwan,Fujian Gaoshan language 2,909 (excluding Taiwan)
Lahu Nationality Yunnan Lahu language 411,476
Shui Nationality Guizhou Shui language 345,993
Dongxiang Nationality Ganshu Dongxiang language 373,872
Naxi Nationality Yunnan Naxi language 278,009
Jingpo Nationality Yunnan Jingpo language  
Keerkezi Nationality Xinjiang Keerkezi language 141,549
Tu Nationality Qinghai Tu language 191,624
Dawoer Nationality Inner Mongolian, Heilongjiang Dawoer language 121,357
Mulao Nationality Guangxi Mulao language 159,328
Qiang Nationality Sichuan Qiang language 198,252
Bulang Nationality Yunnan Bulang Language 82,280
Sala Nationality Qinghai,Ganshu Sala language 87,697
Maonan Nationality Guangxi Maonan language 71,968
Gelao Nationality Guizhou Gelao language 437,997
Xibo Nationality Xinjiang,Liaoning Xibo language 172,847
Achang Nationality Yunnan Achang language 27,708
Pumi Nationality Yunnan Pumi language 29,657
Tajike Nationality Xinjiang Tajike language,Uighur 33,538
Nu Nationality Yunnan Nu language 27,123
Wuzibieke Nationality Xinjiang Wuzibieke language 14,502
Russian Xinjiang Russian,Chinese,Uighur, Hasake language 13,504
Ewenke Nationality Inner Mongolian, Heilongjiang Ewenke language, Mongolian, Chinese 26,315
Deang Nationaliry Yunnan Deang language 15,462
Baoan Nationality Ganshu Baoan language,Chinese 12,212
Yugu Nationality Ganshu Yugu language,Chinese 12,297
Jing Nationality Guangxi Jing language,Chinese 18,915
Tataer Nationality Xinjiang Tataer language 4,873
Dulong Nationality Yunnan Dulong language 5,816
Elunchun Nationality Inner Mongollian, Heilongjiang Elunchun language 6,965
Haozhe Nationality Heilongjiang Haozhe language,Chinese 4,245
Menba Nationality Tibet Menba language,Chinese 7,475
Luoba Nationality Tibet Luoba language 2,321
Jinuo Nationality Yunnan Jinuo language 18,021
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