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Hotel names beginning with T
The Garden Hotel Guangzhou 5 website
The Great Wall Sheraton Hotel Beijing 5 website
The Kerry Center Hotel Beijing 5
The Landmark Hotel Shenzhen 5 website
The Palace Hotel Beijing 5 website
The Park Lane Hong Kong Beijing 5 website
The Peninsula Hong Kong Beijing 5 website
The Portman Ritz-Carlton Shanghai Shanghai 5 website
The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong Shanghai 5 website
The Royal Garden Shanghai 5 website
The St Regis Beijing Beijing 5 website
The Westin Resort, Macau Beijing 5 website
The Westin Tai Ping Yang Shanghai 5 website
Taiyuan Yuyuan Hotel Taiyuan 4
The Beijing Mandarin Beijing 4
The Crystal Palace Hotel Tianjin Tianjin 4 website
The Excelsior Hong Kong Tianjin 4 website
The Floral Gardens Huadu 4
The Grand Angel Hotel Zhuhai 4
The Guangdong Regency Hotel Zhuhai 4 website
The Hong Kong Hotel Zhuhai 4 website
The Kimberley Hotel Zhuhai 4 website
The Kowloon Hotel Zhuhai 4 website
The Lake View Hotel Nanchang 4 website
The Marco Polo Xiamen Xiamen 4 website
The Marco Polo, Hong Kong Xiamen 4 website
The Pan Pacific Wuxi Wuxi 4 website
The Prince, Hong Kong Wuxi 4 website
The Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers Wuxi 4 website
The Wesley Hong Kong Wuxi 4 website
Tianlun Dynasty Hotel Beijing 4 website
Today's World Recreation Village Panyu 4
Traders Hotel Shenyang 4
Traders Hotel Beijing 4 website
Taihu Sunshine Hotel Wuxi 3
Tailian Hotel Guilin 3
Taiping International Hotel Huangshan 3
Taishan Garden Hotel Taishan 3 website
Taishan Guest House Taian 3 website
Taishan Hotel Taishan 3
Taishan Hotel Shenyang 3
Taiwan Hotel Beijing 3
Taizhou Hotel Taizhou 3
Tang Cheng Hotel Xian 3
Tangshan Hotel Tangshan 3
Tanshan Overseas Chinese Mansion Taian 3
Tao Ran Ju Hotel Linyi 3 website
Tao Yuan Hotel Huangshan 3
The Caesar Palace Hotel Tianjin 3
The Charterhouse Tianjin 3 website
The Emperor (Happy Valley) Hotel Tianjin 3 website
The Empire Hotel Hong Kong Tianjin 3 website
The Metropole Hotel Tianjin 3 website
The Park Hotel Beijing 3
The Rose Hotel Shenyang 3
The South China Hotel Shenyang 3
The Wharney Hotel Shenyang 3 website
Tian Ma Hotel Wuwei 3
Tian Wai Tian Hotel Baotou 3
Tiandu Hotel Shenyang 3
Tianfei Hot Spring Hotel Putian 3
Tianfu Hotel Fuzhou 3
Tianhua Hotel Qinhuangdao 3
Tianjin Friendship Hotel Tianjin 3
Tianjin Hotel Tianjin 3
Tianranju Hotel Lianyungang 3
Tiantan Hotel Beijing 3 website
Tianzhao Hotel Beijing 3
Tibet Hotel Chengdu 3 website
Tibet Hotel Lasa 3
Tibet Hotel Lasa 3
Tieshan Hotel Wuhu 3 website
Tonghua Hotel Tonghua 3
Tower Hotel Haikou 3 website
Tse Dang Hotel Lasa 3
Taoyuan Hotel Yinchuan
Tashi Mandala Lasa
Tengchun Hotel Baoshan
Tenzin Hotel Rikaze
Tiannan Hotel Kashi
Tianshui Hotel Tianshui
Tianyi Hotel Ningbo
Tongda Hotel Guiyang
Traffic Apartment Emei
Traffic Hotel Yaan
Traffic Hotel Turpan
Traffic Hotel Jinghong
Tunxi Hotel Huangshan
Turpan Guesthouse Turpan website
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