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Hotel names beginning with G
GE Plaza Hotel Nanjing 5
Gloria Resort, Sanya Sanya 5 website
Gold Coast Hotel Sanya 5 website
Golden Coast Hotel Haikou 5
Golden Gulf Hotel Shantou 5
Grand Bay View Hotel Zhuhai 5 website
Grand Hotel Beijing Beijing 5 website
Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Beijing 5 website
Grand Hyatt Shanghai Shanghai 5 website
Grand Regency Hotel, Qingdao Qingdao 5
Grand Stanford Harbour View Qingdao 5 website
Grand Sun City Hotel Changsha 5 website
Great Eagle Hotel Changsha 5 website
Guangdong International Hotel Guangzhou 5
Guilin Royal Garden Hotel Guilin 5 website
Galaxy Hotel Shanghai 4
Garden Hotel Shantou 4 website
Geneva Hotel Tianjin 4
Gitic Riverside Hotel Guangzhou 4
Gloria Plaza Hotel Dalian 4 website
Gloria Plaza Hotel, Beijing Beijing 4 website
Gloria Plaza Hotel, Nanchang Nanchang 4
Gloria Plaza Hotel, Shenyang Shenyang 4
Golden Dragon Hotel Kunming 4 website
Golden Palace Hotel Dongguan 4
Gongbei Hotel Zhuhai 4
Grand Castle Hotel Xian 4
Grand Hotel Nanjing 4 website
Grand Metropole Hotel Yangzhou 4
Grand New World Hotel Xian 4
Grand Plaza Hotel Xian 4 website
Grand Tower Hotel Xian 4 website
Grand View Garden Hotel Beijing 4 website
Grand You You Hotel Shanghai 4 website
Grandeur Shanghai 4 website
Grandview Hotel, Macau Shanghai 4 website
Green Lake Hotel Kunming 4
Greenery Hotel Zhuhai 4 website
Guangdong Guest House Guangzhou 4 website
Guangdong Regency Hot Spring Hotel Zhengzhou 4
Guangxi Nanning International Hotel Nanning 4 website
Guangzhou International Financial Building Guangzhou 4
Guilin Bravo Hotel Guilin 4 website
Guo Bin Grand Hotel Wuhan 4 website
Gangzhou Hotel Xinhui 3 website
Gaodu Hotel Jincheng 3
Garden Hotel Cangzhou 3
Gloria Plaza Hotel, Suzhou Suzhou 3 website
Golden Beach Hotel Qingdao 3
Golden City Hotel Shenyang 3
Golden Dragon Hotel Ningbo 3
Golden Era Hotel Beijing 3
Golden Lustre Hotel Shenzhen 3
Golden Mountain Hotel Chongqing 3
Golden Sail Hotel Tianjin 3
Grand Hotel Beijing 3
Grand Hotel Jinan 3
Grand Hotel Dalian Dalian 3
Grand Skylight Hotel Shenzhen 3
Grand Sun Hotel Dunhuang Dunhuang 3
Great Wall Hotel Jiayuguan 3
Great Wall Hotel Shenzhen 3
Great Wall Hotel Qinhuangdao 3
Great Wall Hotel Changsha 3 website
Greenlake Villa Shaoguan 3
Guangdong Foreign Businessmen Guangzhou 3
Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong Guangzhou 3 website
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Hotel Guangzhou 3
Guangzhou Haitao Hotel Guangzhou 3 website
Guangzhou Hotel Guangzhou 3
Guia Hotel Guangzhou 3
Guidu Hotel Jinan Jinan 3 website
Guilin Park Hotel Guilin 3 website
Guilin Plaza Guilin 3 website
Guilin Riverside Resort Guilin 3 website
Guiyang Plaza Hotel Guiyang 3 website
Gulangyu Guesthouse Xiamen 3 website
Gymnasium Hotel Guiyang 2
Gang-Gyan Hotel Lasa
Gold Grain Hotel Lasa
Gold Mansion Qufu
Golden Shell Yantai
Golmud Hotel Ge'er mu
Grand Lijiang Hotel Dali
Guanliju Zhao Dai Suo Guanghan
Guizhou Park Hotel Guiyang
Guo Fang Ke Hotel Taiyuan
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