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Hotels in Guangdong

Dong Fang Hotel  Guangzhou    5   
Forum Hotel  Shenzhen    5  website
Golden Gulf Hotel  Shantou   5   
Grand Bay View Hotel  Zhuhai   5  website
Guangdong International Hotel  Guangzhou    5   
Harbour View Hotel & Resort  Zhuhai   5  website
Hotel Silverland  Dongguan   5   
Marriott China Hotel  Guangzhou    5  website
Nan Hai Hotel  Shenzhen    5  website
Oriental Resort Guangzhou  Guangzhou    5   
Regency Hotel  Shantou   5  website
Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen  Shenzhen    5  website
Shenzhen Grand View Hotel  Shenzhen    5  website
Sunshine Hotel  Shenzhen    5  website
The Garden Hotel  Guangzhou    5  website
The Landmark Hotel  Shenzhen    5  website
White Swan Hotel  Guangzhou    5  website
Wuzhou Guest House  Shenzhen    5  website
Yindu Hotel  Zhuhai   5  website
Zhuhai Holiday Resort  Zhuhai   5  website
Central Hotel  Guangzhou    4  website
Century Hotel  Shunde   4   
Century Plaza Hotel  Shenzhen    4  website
China Mayors Bulding  Guangzhou    4   
Clifford Nansha Hotel  Panyu   4   
Cultural Holiday Hotel  Guangzhou    4   
Equatorial Hotel  Guangzhou    4   
Ever Joint Peninsula Hotel  Kaiping   4   
Fuhua Hotel  Zhongshan   4   
Garden Hotel  Shantou   4  website
Gitic Riverside Hotel  Guangzhou    4   
Golden Palace Hotel  Dongguan   4   
Gongbei Hotel  Zhuhai   4   
Greenery Hotel  Zhuhai   4  website
Guangdong Guest House  Guangzhou    4  website
Guangzhou International Financial Building  Guangzhou    4   
Holiday Inn Donghua Shenzhen  Shenzhen    4  website
Hotel Canton  Guangzhou    4   
Hotel Holiday Sanbu  Kaiping   4   
Hotel Landmark Canton  Guangzhou    4  website
Hotel Oriental Regent  Shenzhen    4   
Marina Ming Wah  Shenzhen    4   
Overseas Chinese Hotel  Dongguan   4   
Parkview Square  Guangzhou    4   
Plaza Canton  Guangzhou    4  website
Ramada Pearl Hotel  Guangzhou    4  website
Scenic Holiday Hotel  Zhongshan   4   
Shantou International Hotel  Shantou   4  website
Shenzhen Bay Hotel  Shenzhen    4   
Silver Sea Hotel  Zhanjiang   4   
Starlake Hotel  Zhaoqing    4  website
Sunway Hotel  Shenzhen    4   
The Floral Gardens  Huadu   4   
The Grand Angel Hotel  Zhuhai   4   
The Guangdong Regency Hotel  Zhuhai   4  website
Today's World Recreation Village  Panyu   4   
Yan Shan Hotel  Heshan   4   
Yanshan Hotel  Heshan   4  website
Zeng Cheng Hotel  Zengcheng   4   
Zhongshan International Hotel  Zhongshan   4   
Zhuhai Hotel  Zhuhai   4  website
Aiqun Hotel  Guangzhou    3   
Ambassador Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Bai Yun Hotel  Guangzhou    3  website
Bamboo Garden Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Beihu Hotel  Heshan   3   
Canton Bay Hotel  Zhanjiang   3   
Capital Plaza Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Cathay Hotel  Guangzhou    3   
Chang An Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Chaozhou Hotel  Chaozhou   3   
China Merchants Hotel  Guangzhou    3   
CITS Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
City Hotel  Shenzhen    3  website
Continental Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Courtyard New World Shunde  Shunde   3  website
Dihao Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Dongguan Hillside Hotel  Dongguan   3   
Dongguan Hotel  Dongguan   3   
Dynasty Hotel  Zhaoqing    3   
East Lake Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Ever Profit Hotel  Sanshui   3   
Evergreen Resort  Shenzhen    3   
Feng Cheng Hotel  Shunde   3   
Fengyuan Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Foshan Hotel  Foshan    3   
Furama Hotel Guangzhou  Guangzhou    3  website
Fuzhou Hotel  Zhongshan   3   
Gangzhou Hotel  Xinhui   3  website
Golden Lustre Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Grand Skylight Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Great Wall Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Greenlake Villa  Shaoguan   3   
Guangdong Foreign Businessmen  Guangzhou    3   
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Hotel  Guangzhou    3   
Guangzhou Haitao Hotel  Guangzhou    3  website
Guangzhou Hotel  Guangzhou    3   
Hai Jing Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Haibin Hotel  Zhanjiang   3   
Haifu Grand Hotel  Zhanjiang   3   
Harbour International Hotel  Huizhou   3   
Harbour View Hotel  Shantou   3   
Honey Lake Country Club Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Hotel Dynasty  Dongguan   3   
Hua Du Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Hua Qiao Hotel  Foshan    3   
Huidong Overseas Chinese Hotel  Huizhou   3   
Huizhou Hotel  Huizhou   3   
International Hotel  Yangjiang   3   
Jin Du Hotel  Nanhai   3   
Jingpeng Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Jinshan Mansion  Zhanjiang   3   
Jinye Mansion  Huizhou   3   
Kai Yue Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
King Man Hotel  Chaozhou   3   
King Wu Hotel  Enping   3   
Kuok Shun Hotel  Jingmen   3   
Lido Hotel  Guangzhou    3   
Liuhua Hotel  Guangzhou    3  website
Longhu Hotel  Shantou   3   
Longshan Hotel  Shanwei   3   
Luohu Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Maoming Building  Miaoming   3   
Meilihua Hotel  Taishan   3   
Nanhai Hotel  Zhanjiang   3   
New Century Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
New Garden Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Noble Hotel  Huizhou   3   
Ocean Hotel  Guangzhou    3   
Oriental Hotel  Dongguan   3   
Overseas Chinese Building  Zhaoqing    3   
Overseas Chinese Building  Xinhui   3   
Overseas Chinese Building  Shantou   3   
Overseas Chinese Building  Taishan   3   
Overseas Chinese Building  Heshan   3   
Overseas Chinese Building  Chaozhou   3   
Overseas Chinese Hotel  Zhuhai   3   
Overseas Chinese Hotel  Sanshui   3   
Overseas Chinese Hotel  Guangzhou    3   
Panyu Hotel  Panyu   3   
Panyu Miramar Hotel  Panyu   3   
Paradise Hill Hotel  Zhuhai   3   
Peng Chow Hotel  Nanhai   3   
Peninsula Hotel  Zhanjiang   3   
Popoko Hotel  Zhuhai   3   
River View Hotel  Meizhou   3   
San Jiu Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Sanshui Hotel  Sanshui   3   
Shaohua Hotel  Shaoguan   3   
Shenzhen International House  Shenzhen    3   
Shenzhen Yuehai Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Shichang Hotel  Panyu   3   
Silver Lake Resort Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Sino Trade Centre  Guangzhou    3   
Siu Mui Sha Resort Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Songtao Hotel  Zhaoqing    3   
South China Intenational Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Star Hotel  Guangzhou    3   
Taishan Garden Hotel  Taishan   3  website
Taishan Hotel  Taishan   3   
Universal Hotel  Shenzhen    3   
Universal Hotel  Zhanjiang   3   
West Lake Hotel  Huizhou   3  website
Xiang Jiang Hotel  Guangzhou    3   
Xin Hui Kui Yuan Hotel  Xinhui   3   
Xinhui Hotel  Xinhui   3   
Xiqiao Hill Hotel  Nanhai   3   
Yuan Yang Hotel  Guangzhou    3  website
Yuehai Building  Guangzhou    3   
Yuehua Hotel  Enping   3   
Zhan Jiang Building (Lei Zhou Hotel)  Guangzhou    3   
Zhanjiang Guest House  Zhanjiang   3   
Zhaoqing Hotel  Zhaoqing    3   
Hua Qiao Hotel  Guangzhou    2   
Qiao Lian Bulding  Enping   2   
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